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Business growth requires website expansion and greater e-commerce integration and management.

Customization and flexibility through technology
As a growing business, LVR Ink needed to expand its e-commerce and have more control over its online presence and inventory management. What was the best way to provide an excellent customer experience while providing greater inventory and order control?

The Need

New expectations for the website required LVR Ink to set up several micro-sites under their single e-commerce website to sell merchandise specific to each store. To do this, it was necessary to bring third-party functionality into the current site to maintain a more unified customer experience. There was also a need for more robust e-commerce functionality and inventory management which would integrate with existing shipping and payment processing in the legacy site.

The Solution

Dorian Solutions met with the LVR Ink team to understand their needs and formulate a plan for success. The existing website was expanded with new, custom store sections and an updated WooCommerce implementation. This provided a smooth, efficient shopping experience for the customer which included product previews, sizes, colors and styles. A large component of the e-commerce was previously tied to a third party website. Dorian Solutions created functionality directly on the LVR Inks site to bring the whole process ‘under one roof’. This included full shopping cart functionality and integration with the existing shipping and payment processing solutions.

After the updates were complete, Dorian Solutions continues to support the site with hosting, regular maintenance and updates which keeps the LVR team focused on their business of taking a client’s vision and crafting it into a visual expression that both stands out and communicates a message. Dorian Solutions continues to provide the experience and guidance that make sure technology is the easiest part of their operations.

The Bottom Line

“Dorian Solutions offer an all-in-one service to us by hosting and actively maintaining our site for optimal performance. I work with them at least once a month to keep the website updated in a way that stays within my budget and allows me to continually update and improve the experience for my customers”

– Brian Mathien, Principal


More than printing shirts – LVR Ink is a Gainesville based company, specializing in custom apparel, design, and pop-up printing.


  • Custom Apparel, Products & Design

Business Results

  • Expanded web presence
  • Increased revenue
  • More efficient inventory management under one site
  • Improved distribution management
  • Reliable, ongoing technical support
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