Custom ERP Integrations

Your business wants to deliver high-quality customer experiences and custom ERP integrations help do just that.

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What is an ERP?


ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a software that automates a company’s essential business functions. Many businesses use their ERP software as a place to record information from all departments including accounting, supply chain, sales, and marketing. The goal of Enterprise Resource Planning is creating a single source of truth for all of the company’s data. Creating this allows for real-time reporting, improved productivity, lower operating costs, and much more. But an ERP system cannot do this alone – it needs data. ERP integrations are how that data gets into the ERP software.

Why is a Custom ERP Integration Important for My Business?

ERP system integrations are used by businesses to connect their ERP software with other important applications. The goal is to be able to share data across systems, improving productivity and gaining insights into your customers and your business as a whole. An ERP system controls several customer-facing activities, so creating great customer experiences requires connecting your ERP software with the other applications your business uses. In simple terms, custom ERP integrations connect and synchronize your ERP software to other applications and sources of data. You will have a unified view of information from all your different systems, no matter where it comes from, in real time.

How can a Custom ERP Integration Support Additional Growth?


As your business grows, you will likely take advantage of more advanced custom software solutions. This leaves opportunity for inconsistent data, creating inefficiencies in your company’s day-to-day operations. With ERP system integrations, you can reduce the potential for these inefficient workflows and create a centralized source of information.

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What are the Benefits of ERP System Integrations?

Improve Mobility

Fully integrated ERPs allow employees to access data while on the move, when it would normally be stuck in a siloed system.

Easy to Add New Integrations

With proper integration, you can connect almost anything to your ERP, whenever the need arises.

Minimize Human Error

Typos and emails to the wrong client will happen no more, as data does not need to be manually re-entered into your different systems.

Improve Decision-Making

Access real-time data from all of your systems in one convenient location, so you can make more informed decisions.

Personalize Customer Experiences

Gain insight into what a customer needs or wants, which you can use to tailor your offerings to different target markets.

Reduce Employee Training

With only one software to train your employees on, you will reduce the amount of time necessary to fully train new employees.

What Dorian Solutions Can Do For You

Custom ERP Integrations have quickly become one of the most important automation tools for any small to large sized business. They not only save time and money, but also allow a seamless interaction between different systems. If you are interested in improving your business’ functionality and streamlining processes, then ERP integrations are likely your best choice. Reach out to Dorian Solutions today to get started with your custom ERP integrations!