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Transforming your vision into a fully functioning, custom mobile application.
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Mobile App Development for Your Business

In today’s competitive market it’s essential to make your business perform efficiently and effectively While there are often out-of-the-box applications that “sort of” fit your needs,  you can take your technology to the next level with our advanced solutions which are highly focused to meet your exact business needs. Developing a successful mobile app takes thorough planning, research, and strategy, and having a high-performing team like us to back you up is essential. While there are a lot of options to create a platform for your new application, not all of them put in the work and effort it takes to help it flourish and prosper. Let Dorian Solutions help you reach your business goals with solutions that go beyond industry norms.

Our Mobile App Development Process

The mobile app development process takes time to master. Fortunately, our experience in developing mobile apps for various industries has given us a significant advantage.

Research and Strategy

Every successful mobile app starts with a well-thought-out idea and the research and strategy to back it up. To help our development team create an efficient and functioning app, have a list or outline of the major functions, goals, and ‘must-haves’ your mobile app needs to address. This list will allow us to pivot and change as we discover better ways to accomplish those needs throughout the development cycle. When it comes to strategizing for your new mobile app be sure to identify your users’ persona, research the competition, and establish your application’s main objectives.

Begin researching your customer persona based on their demographics, behavior patterns, interests, and goals. When developing a new mobile application, it’s critical to keep the user in mind at every step. By looking into the characteristics of your consumer profiles, you’ll better understand how they intend to use the application so you can deliver a satisfactory customer experience. 

Finally, each of these items come together to determine your application’s main goals and objectives. What do you want to achieve with your app and how do you see it progressing over time?  Do you need a native iOS / Android mobile app, or will a Progressive Web App (PWA) serve your users better?

Another key aspect of mobile app development is analyzing your competition. We work with you to look for what works, what doesn’t work, and we can provide the best experience to your users.

UI and UX Strategy

During this stage, we will begin to plan a wireframe of your app that lays out its functionality and key components. To do this, we will need to consider the target user and determine how we can deliver the best user experience. To get customers to engage with the app it needs to provide the best user experience possible. If the mobile app isn’t user-friendly and interactive, your customers are going to move on to your competitors. Once we’ve developed a strategy for the optimal user interface, it’s time to create a wireframe for the design. This is a digital sketch that gives the app a visual structure and defines its layout. This is done solely to focus on user experience and overall aesthetics on the various platforms including Apple and Android. We will also determine a style guide that helps each aspect of your app remain cohesive with your brand. Finally, a mockup and prototype will be created to help identify possible changes and improvements prior to development.  

Design and Development

Now that the strategizing and planning is complete, it’s time to turn your idea into a reality. Our mobile app development team provides solutions for back-end development and server technology, Application Programming Interface (API), and mobile app front-end development. We’ll create a fully-functioning, interactive experience for your customers that matches your brand and engages users to buy your products or use your services. We work to support you with the right internal and external processes in a way that fits seamlessly across your organization. In doing so, we help you create a clean, efficient experience for your clients. 

Testing the Product

Once the development of your application is complete, we’ll test the final product for quality assurance to ensure the app is fully functional and delivers the expected results. We’ll prepare test cases that address each aspect of your app for thorough testing. This process includes testing on user experience, functionality, performance, security, and device and platform compatibility. 

See how your business can benefit from having a mobile app

Having a mobile app designed specifically for your business has more benefits than keeping you competitive in an ever-growing market. A mobile app can help your business in the following ways:

  • Grow your brand and its presence. 
  • Make better connections with your users
  • Provide more value to users.
  • Create more interaction between your business and your users – including customers.
  • Inform users of new products/services, special offers, and discounts.
  • Provides convenience and efficiencies to your users.

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Impress your audience with a custom mobile application built for your business

At Dorian Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to translate ideas into feasible solutions. Among being a trusted software development company, our team is proficient in mobile app development that is results-driven and process-oriented for your success. We thrive on your success and strive to be a positive force to fulfill what become our mutual goals. Let’s talk about solving problems and achieving goals together.