Custom CRM Integrations

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While many pre-built pieces of software have great features, they often don’t cover all your needs.  Many times you may find yourself using multiple systems that don’t communicate or share all the necessary data.  This can lead to productivity issues like entering the same data in multiple programs.  It also opens the door to an increased chance for errors.  In these situations, business processes can quickly become clunky and annoying. It’s like that shirt that says it’s your size but doesn’t quite fit right. You can think of Dorian Solutions as your custom tailor that takes that shirt and makes it fit perfectly. One such tailored solution we offer is custom CRM integrations.

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What is a Custom CRM Integration and Why is an Integrated CRM Important for My Business?


Software doesn’t always seamlessly work with other software. For example, your CRM platform may not easily connect with your accounting software. And both of those might not simply connect with your email marketing system. A CRM software integration creates a seamless connection between your third-party applications and your CRM platform, meaning data entered in one is automatically available in the other. With an integrated CRM, you can automate business processes between applications while also keeping customer data up-to-date.

You know the importance of your CRM platform and the other software your business uses. But how much time is wasted toggling between systems in order to complete a task? Manually moving data between platforms is time-consuming and costs your business money. CRM integrations are the answer to eliminating this mind-numbing task. For employees, this can save them the confusion of working with multiple, even contradictory, data.

Importance of Custom CRM Integrations:

  • Streamline social media marketing by connecting your CRM software with the various social media platforms. Find out what your customers are sharing and engaging with the most.
  • Assess, classify, and score leads from multiple external sources all in one place.
  • Automatically process data from forms and surveys, gaining insight into your customers’ opinions.
  • Improve employee productivity by eliminating the need for toggling between software systems.
  • Easily manage the customer from the initial contact through project completion using one application.
  • Reduce time and energy spent on duplicating information from one system into another.
  • For a deeper dive check out this article on the benefits of CRM integration.

What is CRM Integration Good For?


Calendar Integration

Align both your formal and informal events by integrating your calendars with your CRM platform.

Email Integration

With a CRM integration, email data can be automatically redefined and analyzed for continuous improvement. 

Social Media Integration

Track engagements, manage ads, and listen to what your audience is saying in one place by connecting all of your active social media channels with your CRM software. 

Marketing Automation Integration

Keep your sales and marketing teams on the same page, allowing them to share data and sync up with each other’s strategies.

Team Communication Integration

By integrating a chat function with your CRM, your team members can access relevant data and chat in the same place.

Customer Support Integration

Retain your existing customers by integrating customer support software with your CRM platform.

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It's more than software. It's a solution.

What Dorian Solutions Can Do For You

Businesses of all sizes in both the B2B and B2C market can reap the full benefits of their CRM platform with smart integrations done by Dorian Solutions.

CRM integrations are a challenge even for in-house IT departments. These in-house departments have a wide variety of tasks they are responsible for. You want someone who is extremely familiar with the process of integrating CRM platforms with other third-party applications. Dorian Solutions has experts who do CRM integrations all day and have years of experience with a variety of systems. We will make sure that your integrated system works smoothly, so that you can experience the full power of all of your software.