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Whether you need a project consultation, systems integration, or a fully custom software built, Dorian Solutions can do that and more.
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Dorian Solutions offers a wide variety of software development services to our clients and business partners.  In today’s fast-paced, competitive market you need to stay up-to-date so you can benefit from every advantage that technology can provide.  With this in mind, we provide a range of technology, software, and consultation services designed to give you the best solutions to your challenges.

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Concept Blueprinting

Do you have an idea for a software solution but need to iron out the details to drive internal buy-in and approval?  The first step is a Concept Blueprint.  ‘Blueprint’ is our term for scoping out a project as a separate deliverable prior to doing any software development. We discuss requirements, build mockups, and create a branded document that clearly presents the project scope and provides an estimate of the cost and time for development.  Learn more >>


Custom Software Development

Custom software development is like the tailor that makes your clothes fit just right.  Off-the-shelf software may not cover all your needs or may have features you don’t need (but are paying for).  Don’t compromise your business’s potential just to fit into inflexible software.  We will work with you to design a full solution that uniquely fits your business process, leans into your strengths, and allows you to do business more effectively.  Learn more >>


System Integration

When you find yourself thinking “if only these programs worked together, business would run so much smoother”, it’s time to consider a custom system integration.  Simply put, system integration is connecting software systems so they work together to share data and/or functions.  An integration is a great solution if completely replacing the old software just isn’t viable, but you want to boost efficiency, eliminate repetitive data entry, and increase visibility for collaboration.  Learn more >>


CRM Integration

A CRM software integration creates a seamless connection between your third-party applications and your CRM platform, meaning data entered in one is automatically available in the other. With an integrated CRM, you can automate business processes between applications while also keeping customer data up-to-date.  Learn more >>


ERP Integration

An ERP system controls several customer-facing activities, so creating great customer experiences requires connecting it with the other applications your business uses. Custom ERP integrations connect and synchronize your ERP software to other sources of data to provide a unified view of information from all your different systems, no matter where it comes from, in real time.  Learn more >>


WordPress Integration

With more than 58,000 plugins and over 8,000 themes, WordPress offers a tremendous amount of customization but there are still limitations out-of-the-box.  As software developers, we take your WordPress site even farther through custom WordPress integrations.  This includes writing new plugins, connecting other software systems to your WordPress site, or modifying existing pre-built functions.  Learn more >>


Mobile App Development

Now that over 57% of online activity is from mobile devices, a mobile app is becoming an even more important connection to your customers and employees alike.  It keeps your business competitive and can provide additional benefits such as the convenience of being at your audience’s fingertips, opening up sales opportunities, and providing new ways of interacting with your users.  Learn more >>


Website Design & Management

Your website is your digital headquarters, complete with marketing and sales teams. It doesn’t sleep. It doesn’t eat. It doesn’t request time off. It has a perfect sales pitch every single time. It always remembers to collect lead information. All this, and it costs less than your monthly coffee bill. Are you ready to take a hold of the internet and start enabling your customers to sell themselves?  Learn more >>


Design & Visual Branding

Creating a unique, professional logo and visual brand is key to making a strong impression on your target audience.  If done well, design and visual branding separates you from your competitors by grabbing your audience’s attention, conveying your company values, and building trust.  It showcases the quality and professional approach of your company in conducting its business. Are you happy with your brand?  Learn more >>

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