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We’re proud members of the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) and you’ll definitely see us at roundtables and other events. We love solving complex problems and bring a fresh approach to process and technology management.  We strive to bring value to our peers with a focus on increasing efficiency through technology, and giving them back more hours in the day. It could be by creating an add-on to make your software work just the way you want it to, or connecting different software or systems that currently just won’t play nice. We’re here to learn, teach, and advise with the goal of making all of us better.

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We’d love to get together for coffee, and learn more about you. Even if you’re not in the market for a solution right now, we want to hear about your challenges and victories. As we strive to drive better processes and technologies in the industry, there’s nothing like down-in-the-trenches, real-world experiences to shape things to come.

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