Custom Software Development

Creative software solutions that put the “Pro” back in “Process”

Custom software doesn’t have to be scary.  As a matter of fact, it’s usually a better fit than most out-of-the-box applications. While many pre-built pieces of software have great features, they often don’t cover all your needs.  It’s like that shirt that says it’s your size but doesn’t quite fit right. You can think of Dorian Solutions as your custom tailor that takes that shirt and customizes the last little bit so it fits perfectly.

We’re the digital tailors of the software world.  In geek speak, it’s called “system integration.”  We’ll listen to what you’re currently doing in your business, then work with you to create a plan on how software can make you as efficient as possible.  It starts with some simple conversations and becomes a plan of attack to make your systems work better for you.  It may be some added automation, a customized front end, or even a new database;  all with the goal of making your business software as comfortable as your favorite shirt.

Of course, if you don’t have a system, or have a vision for a new system, we can help you with that too.  We have a lot of experience building web, mobile, and desktop applications.  We will brainstorm with you on your ideas and make sure you’re headed in the right direction.  Then with a plan in place, we can formulate a team to build your vision.

Large or small, we’re able to help many business and a variety of budget sizes.  For a more economical approach, we also have a set of pre-existing “building blocks” (called Prism) that we can use as a baseline for the project.  We can then build a custom solution on top of these building blocks in a way that fits in your budget.  Custom software doesn’t have to break the bank.  We’re practical and we’ll be upfront with you if a project doesn’t look like it will have a meaningful ROI, because we’re interested in solutions that will truly benefit your business.

What is Prism Engine?

And why do I care?

Custom software development is expensive. Yes, you read that right. We are not going to avoid that elephant in the room. Our answer to that barrier is the Prism Engine. It is an all in one software infrastructure that includes a suite of tools and connectors ready for custom development. That sounds great, but understanding why software is expensive can begin to explain why the Prism Engine is the best solution to the cost problem at hand.

Custom Software has a lot of moving parts.

Half the battle of designing custom software is deciding how each and every feature in the program will interface. Usually, other developers will create a unique, one of a kind digital infrastructure that facilities the app perfectly with no extra addins or connectors. This works if you never want to upgrade the software. When you develop with Dorian Solutions, we don’t build this infrastructure from scratch. We use the Prism Engine as the roadmap for the program, so we don’t waste development time and energy on re-creating the wheel. It also allows us to plan out future upgrades with tools that leave your software open for swift upgrades and improvements.

Custom Software takes time to build.

The infrastructure alone can take the developer 50% of the project to build. Enter the Prism Engine: We walk in with the infrastructure built and ready to go. That way, you get right to designing and implementing the features you want. It keeps design timelines down which gets your new tool to market quicker and with less bugs. Now you can start on improving ROI, instead of fighting with ongoing development forever.

In addition to starting your project 50% complete, we also remove that upfront investment. By using of the Prism Engine, you don’t have to shell out a barrel of cash to get the tools you need to grow your business. So, when do we start?

It's more than software. It's a solution.

Custom Software Development with Dorian Solutions

Low Upfront Cost

The Prism Engine keeps your initial investment low, so you can get the tools you need and see ROI quicker.

Experienced Developers

Our team is on the cutting edge of industry training and standards, bringing you an expert squad of engineers and designers.

Fast to Market

By skipping the infrastructure development phase, we build the features sooner and you start reaping benefits faster.

Direct Communication

At Dorian Solutions, you have access directly to the project engineer and we meet with you on a regular basis to ensure product timelines.


You know what your dream software looks like and want to see that built. We focus on achieving this through agile objective and requirement processing.


When you start your project, we come onto your team and make every move and plan with your overhead and success in mind.

Leveraging custom software isn’t a new thing, but leveraging software to improve or empower your business processes is much more accessible. At Dorian Solutions, we strive to make the process simple and rewarding.

If you are ready for your business to accelerate, reach out to us and find out how you can streamline your business today.