What is PRISM Core?

A configurable software framework that saves time and money.
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The Software Problem

The issue with many custom software projects is that too much time and money is spent building the individual components of the project from scratch, and it’s not always necessary.

Let’s compare your new custom software project to your dream home.  You have some ideas on what you’d like:  at least 4 bedrooms, high ceilings in the family room, a finished basement, etc….  What you’re not thinking about is the configuration of pipes under the kitchen sink or the gauge of wiring behind the walls.  In fact, if you did design each of these things explicitly, you run the risk of unknowingly adding unique or incompatible options to the construction of your home when common options are readily and easily available.

It’s a similar situation when creating custom software.  We’ve found that our custom software projects often follow common patterns; eliminating the need to “reinvent the wheel” for many of the pieces of a new project.   For instance, the login process for a web application has been widely standardized and there is usually no need to re-architect how this works.  Maybe just an adjustment here or there.

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The PRISM Core Solution

Our solution to this problem is Prism Core.  Prism Core’s reusable and configurable software components provide the skeleton of your application.  With that skeleton, we then write additional custom code to flesh out the application to your exact specifications.  This gives us the ability to put together a large part of your application quickly but still give the developers the flexibility to make the final product truly custom to your exact requirements.

Prism Core does not trap you into a finite set of options like some other out-of-the-box options.  Instead, we’ve specifically designed Prism to allow developers to expand the rules for your exact business needs.  Resulting, your new technology can be written quickly and efficiently to your exact specifications while taking advantage of a reusable framework.  Prism Core is built to enable your custom requirements first and foremost.  Learn More >>

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