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Recruiting firm unlocks new revenue stream by converting their data into opportunity.

There’s value in the data
Tens of thousands of hours and over 20+ years of personnel data collection and refinement was locked up in 3rd party software. How could Egret help others in their industry with this information while safeguarding their trade secrets and turning it into a new income opportunity?

The Need

Egret Consulting decided to set up a subscription-based platform that they could market to their contacts. This system would expose a subset of information from their closed, third-party software, PC Recruiter. Their subscribers would now have a tool to be able to research the industry, make their own notes, and have a one-stop-shop for them to perform their research. The system would allow users to access it via a monthly fee through a cloud-based application.

The Solution

Dorian Solutions worked closely with Egret Consulting’s staff to identify the specific information inside PC Recruiter that they wanted to expose to the outside world. After identifying a way to automate retrieval of the data from this closed system, a process was put in place that allowed the information to be placed in a new database that could be used by a new web application. This allowed for maximum control of what information was exposed and safeguarded their current system by disconnecting it from the new system.

Once the database of the new data existed and was automatically syncing with the original database, a web application was built that allowed subscribers to securely browse this new data while paying for access via a monthly subscription. Egret Consulting has full visibility into the usage of the new system through reports and administration tools built into the application.

The Bottom Line

“Maintaining our new application is easy. Our team just does their job as they always have, and our new software automatically transforms the data into a new revenue stream.”

– Heather Keigher of Egret Consulting

“Dorian worked with us to create our vision without disrupting our current way of doing business.”

– Ted Konnerth, CEO of Egret Consulting

Egret Consulting Group

Egret Consulting’s industry seasoned recruiters can help locate the talent you need for lighting manufacturing, electrical distribution, lighting design, power distribution equipment, wire/cable manufacturing, construction supplies and more.


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Business Results

  • Seamless transition into the new system
  • More robust information security and management
  • Scalable system to accommodate future process needs
  • Reliable, ongoing technical support
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