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What if their technology matched their actual process?
With an entire team of people drafting and assembling, Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit (KSN) had a laborious process for generating the documents needed for their collection practice. What if they could both simplify and automate this process to make their staff more productive?

The Need

As KSN already had a docket management system, accounting management system, and document management system, they’re weren’t in the market to buy yet another piece of software. Instead, they really needed these systems to work together in a manner that was seamless, efficient, and supported the collection department’s workflow. It was time for a system integration project, one that would build a single unified application utilizing the three existing systems as they were but allowing KSN to control and automate the interactions between those systems, while removing unnecessary redundancies and automating as much as possible.

The Solution

Dorian Solutions worked closely with KSN to study and understand the existing workflow and then developed a new web-based application that integrated the existing systems and automated document generation. Instead of needing to work within each of these systems individually, employees could work through one web portal to generate needed documents. Information would be pushed and pulled from the other systems at the right time based on the specific document needed. Upon completion of the first release, building documents customized to each specific scenario was reduced from hours to minutes.

The current solution is not the result of a single project and while there were huge efficiencies gained in the first release, Dorian Solutions still works with KSN over 10 years later to identify other ways to gain efficiencies and provide value to employees and clients through an ongoing process of improvement and enhancements.

The Bottom Line

“Dorian Solutions is an integral part of the KSN team. The streamlined technology they helped us create is now an integral piece of our infrastructure. We appreciate their consistent professionalism, ideas, and assistance and frequently reach out to them to both modify the first solution they developed and to work on new solutions, both big and small, furthering our goals of efficiency and productivity.”

– Lieke Daley, Controller of KSN


Since 1983, KSN has been a legal resource for condominium, homeowner, and townhome associations. Additionally, they represent clients in real estate transactions, collections, landlord/tenant issues, and property tax appeals.


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Business Results

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • More robust information management
  • Scalable system to accommodate future process needs
  • Reliable, ongoing technical support
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