Foodservice supplier modernizes their business management with a customized Prism solution.

Transformation of a business
A thriving family business with a proud tradition of providing exceptional quality food products since 1893, Harrison’s Poultry Farm wanted to move their paper-based ordering, invoicing, and inventory system to a digital platform. How could they gain the efficiency of a modern online system without sacrificing their unique, customer-focused processes?

The Need

Harrison’s Poultry Farm upholds a proud heritage and over 129 years of uncompromising quality, but their operations were being restricted by too many manual, paper-based steps. As they continued to grow, they needed a custom-tailored system that could scale with their business, and allowed them to keep their current operations process, while making it easier to track and manage. They tried other solutions and couldn’t find a good fit, so they turned to Dorian Solutions.

The Solution

Dorian Solutions worked closely with Harrison’s team to understand their tried-and-true workflow and translate those needs into an efficient, web-based application that would knit together their ordering, tracking, billing, pricing, and inventory management. This new solution allowed many different employees to easily interact with the system throughout the entire production cycle from taking the initial order to billing and accounting. Harrison’s focus on exceptional customer service was further enhanced by providing the ability to individually track each customer’s frequently ordered items and special processing requests.

The Bottom Line

“This software has been an excellent addition to our business. We absolutely love it. It has made so many parts of our process better and allowed us to continue providing our customers with the best possible service and experience.”

– Kevin Zimmerman, President

Harrison’s Poultry

Serving the finest all-natural poultry and high-quality food products to the people and restaurants of Chicago’s North Shore since 1893.


  • Commercial and Consumer Foodservice Supplier

Business Results

  • Reduced invoice generation errors by 90%
  • Decreased accounting timeframe by 75%
  • Pricing errors eliminated
  • Streamlined order creation and tracking
  • Improved invoice management
  • Increased process efficiency and visibility
  • Improved accuracy for ordering and billing
  • Scalable system to accommodate future needs