A trusted distributor and reseller modernizes its wealth of information and offerings.

Fast-paced Industry Updates Require Fast-paced Solutions
With over 55 years in the industry, this distributor needed a more efficient way to provide a wealth of information and pricing in a quick and easy to use digital format. How could they better manage vast amounts of varied data to efficiently provide up-to-date information at the digital fingertips of their audience?

The Needs

The Diesel Sales team had three distinct needs which revolved around efficiently managing large amounts of data.
First, they provide an industry-trusted information guide for heavy equipment numbering in the tens of thousands. Keeping this resource up to date and providing the industry with this valuable reference was becoming a time-consuming endeavor. They also wanted to give it a face-lift and migrate it to their current website.
Second, they needed to take that industry resource and find a way to quickly and easily provide it as a downloadable, offline information guide for their audience.
Finally, their team needed to streamline the process of managing multiple vendor product lists with inconsistent formatting and an ever-increasing frequency of updates. With the current trends of rapidly fluctuating pricing and availability, it was becoming a nearly unmanageable process which took a significant amount of manual effort.

The Solutions

Custom WordPress Plugin – A custom WordPress enhancement was developed which would upload and format all the data directly to an updated, web-based reference guide. This new resource was further enhanced with intuitive search and filtering options. The update simplified the process and drastically reduced the time it took to post updates to the information, as well as providing even more value to their industry through the improved online guide.
Offline Guide Exporter – An export tool was also developed alongside the custom WordPress enhancements. This user-friendly tool took the online information and automatically exported it to the necessary offline file types in an attractive, easy-to-read format.
Spreadsheet Merge Tool – An automated tool was developed which would allow the Diesel Sales team to use a spreadsheet of their choice as a format template, then convert and merge other imported spreadsheets to match. This solution cut through the manual work and significantly reduced the time and complexity of unifying the varied formats of vendor price lists. Now they could post price and availability updates in a fraction of the time.

The Bottom Line

“I want you to know that you are the first developer that has done projects for us that actually asks us the hard questions to understand what our current needs are, anticipates our future needs and develops solutions to meet all of that criteria. Working with you is extremely efficient in time and cost. We really appreciate the work you have done to date and are looking forward to the future.”

– Lauren Rhone, Director of Marketing

Diesel Sales

With over 55 years of experience, Diesel Sales is a family owned and operated business. Howard Gossage started Diesel Sales in January of 2010, after being in the rebuilding industry for decades.



  • Diesel Engines and Transmissions for Off-road and Truck Equipment

Business Results

  • Reduced manual data management
  • More accurate and timely pricing to their customers
  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Increased scalability
  • Reliable, ongoing technical support