The Dorian Solutions Backstory

So, you want to know more about us? Eventually, you’re going to look us up on Google, check out our LinkedIn pages, and ask questions about how we came to be. So, here we are, being proactive by sharing our backgrounds and telling you our origin story. This also gives us a chance to share a bit of our company personality and show you how we’re uniquely positioned to help as a part of your team. Queue up the flashback!
Pocket watch on books representing history of Dorian Solutions as a software development and integration company

How did we start?

Dorian Solutions was started by Jason Ziolo in 2012. It started out as a way for him to get involved with new technologies through freelance software development work. By the end of 2013 and being in high demand, Jason was working full time on Dorian Solutions assisting clients with software development and providing Agile software development leadership. Over time, Dorian Solutions has evolved into a fully-equipped software development group, including project managers, business analysts, testers, designers, and, of course, software developers.

How did the executive team evolve?

Jason met Jace Steenbarger in 2015 during a mutual client project. The goal was to build a new system to provide internet-based training in a subscription model. Dorian Solutions was hired to lead the project, which included building and training an internal team for the client. As the project shook out, Jason led the technical team to build the software and Jace, employed by the client, led the team to develop requirements and build the course material. It was a great match. The project was quite successful, came in under budget, and is still in use today. Realizing that they work exceptionally well together, Jason and Jace kept in touch, and Jace was brought into Dorian Solutions in 2018. (Don’t worry, we got full permission from the client before this was even discussed!)

Evolution of custom software business going from ape to application developer at a laptop

Today, Jason and Jace’s combination of skills lead the growth of Dorian Solutions. Jace handles the general operations and upfront consulting to gather requirements, build mockups and assist in development of the process. While also heavily involved in the requirements, Jason typically takes over in the technical completion of the project and management of the development team. It’s a great yin and yang combination that has allowed us to grow and make our clients successful.

What sets Dorian apart?

There are two things that we feel separates us from other software development firms. The first, and probably the most important item, is that we really take pride in our customer relationship skills. Despite the common cliché that “business isn’t personal,” we fully believe that business is personal. We love what we do and it shows. We’re just like you; we’ve put blood, sweat and determination to building this business, and we bring that moxie into every project we work on. We thrive on your success and strive to be a positive force to fulfill what become our mutual goals. We do it all with excellent communication, reliability, and a winning attitude. 

Second, we’ve done this a few times before. We’re beyond working out the kinks and know the best methods to approach new software projects. We bring a history of successful project experience with us and it shows. Our process and team know how to get the best requirements from you and then translate those into a solution. We even have a software framework, called PRISM, that we’ve created in order to pre-build the most common pieces of your future software. This framework is designed to save you time and money in your project, while giving our team maximum flexibility to make it truly custom to you. 

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The Dorian Difference

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