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Online training company changes their business model into recurring subscriptions.

Transformation of a business
With a solid track record of providing exception online training, Ignitor Labs wanted to transform their courses into a self-serve online subscription platform. But how could they effectively staff, plan and execute their vision without any resident technical leadership?

A New Way of Serving the Industry.

Ignitor Labs decided to build a new cloud-based web portal and mobile application to serve their training courses and reference guides to the user. It would be a platform would allow all types of users in the industry, from office-based thought leaders to in -the-field installers. This new platform would allow people to use the courses and guides to access the courses from any device they choose, with or without an Internet connection. In order to do this, they would need to architect the new platform and build a team to complete the project.

The Solution.

Dorian Solutions was brought into the project as technical leadership. The project started by assessing the current state of the Ignitor Labs team, their skill set and any gaps in the skill sets that needed to be filled to make the project a success. Upon taking stock, a team was staffed by Dorian Solutions to fill in any missing gaps, including developers, a database administrator, and a tester. Dorian then introduced an Agile software methodology to the team and began architecting and developing the solution in a collaborative environment that included the development and management at Ignitor Labs.
Upon the completion of the 12-month project, Ignitor Labs had transitioned their clients into their new software and model of doing business. Ignitor Labs has a working custom, cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) and mobile application for both iPhone and Android systems. The project was received very positively by the board member as it was less than the projected budget by over 30%. Ignitor Labs continues to use this platform as the core delivery method for their software.

The Bottom Line.

“Working with Dorian Solutions made the daunting task of building our new system, into one that was methodical and well-planned. Jason Ziolo and his team coached us throughout the process, not only delivering a solution but elevating the entire team along the way. We could not have done it without him.”

– Brad Peacock, CEO of Ignitor Labs.

Ignitor Labs

Developers of online equipment training resources. Providing in-depth interactive learning modules, targeted training, and resource tools.



  • Commercial Foodservice Technician Training

Business Results

  • Streamlined development cycle
  • Improved content management
  • Increased user interaction with the platform
  • Expanded product offerings
  • Project completed on time and more than 30% under budget
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