Creative Custom Development

Dorian Solutions has experience solving a wide variety of business challenges with system integration and custom software development. We’ll discuss what you’re currently doing in your business, then work with you to make your software as comfortable as your favorite shirt.
Designer develop a mobile application usability and drawing its framework on a paper
Custom software development

What is Custom Software Development and how can it help my business?

Custom software development, also called bespoke software, is the process of designing, creating, implementing, and maintaining software that is done specifically for a set of users, functions, or organizations. What makes custom software so appealing is that it follows a narrow set of requirements and guidelines based on your specifications to reach distinct goals. These applications differ from commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) such as Microsoft Office, which only serves generalized purposes that may not be effective for everyone. Custom software is designed to help businesses advance in their industry by providing added benefits you can’t find with other ready-made solutions.

Our Services Include:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Website Design & Management
  • Design & Visual Branding

See what makes us leaders in developing custom software solutions

Low Upfront Cost

The Prism Engine keeps your initial investment low, so you can get the tools you need and see ROI quicker.

Experienced Developers

Our team is on the cutting edge of industry training and standards, bringing you an expert squad of engineers and designers.

Fast to Market

By streamlining the infrastructure development phase, we build the features sooner and you start reaping benefits faster.

Direct Communication

At Dorian Solutions, you have a direct relationship with the project engineer, and we meet with you regularly to ensure product timelines.


You’ve imagined your dream software and want to see that built. We focus on achieving this through agile methods and robust requirements gathering.

Invested in You

During your project, we become a part of your team, making every move with you, and keeping your success in mind.

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