Digital Marketing

Stop searching for customers and let your customers search for you
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  • 67 thousand searches are performed on Google every second
  • 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine
  • 39% of all global ecommerce¬†traffic comes from search

Want in?

Digital marketing is more than having a website and hoping customers find you in a local search. It is a constantly shifting mathematical equation that is calculating millions of websites for rank and review in every imaginable keyword. And the best part is that you can impact that equation.

With a strong combination of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Video, Paid Ads, and content delivery, you can leverage these search algorithms to be found by the exact people that want your good or services. So, are you ready to be found?

Our Digital Marketing Strategy

No one cares about clicks. Seriously. You cannot spend clicks, retweets, visits, downloads, or upvotes. We want leads. Actual, ready to buy people that are informed and want what you are selling are the only true value that comes from marketing. This is the primary metric to which we hold ourselves accountable. With the goal of leads in mind, we focus on these digital marketing strategies:

Search Engine Optimization –¬†We optimize every single word, page, and image on your website to leverage the power of modern search engine algorithms to place your website directly in front of the right people who want your services now.

Social Media – The community is talking. Facebook alone is responsible for 31 million messages per minute. We get involved in the conversations that matter to your target market and build relationships and trust with your potential customers.

Paid Ads – Web ads are not the same as they were 10 years ago. Thanks to analytics and social data, we are able to target each and every ad for the recipient. This allows us to bring relevant and exciting information to your ideal buyer.

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The Power of Digital Marketing

Customer Profile

We sit down and build out profiles of your ideal customers, allowing us to get into the mindset of these buyers and target focused opportunities.

Content Marketing

You produce content that is informative and useful. This creates more opportunities to share your expertise and generate trust with the market.

Keyword Targeting

Using industry leading tools, we are able to research keywords that your business can use to be discovered, without wasting time on unused or weak keyphrases.

Comprehensive Analytics

We don’t throw your money at the internet. We measure and calculate every ounce of your spend to generate leads and maximize ROI.

On-Staff Researchers

All content is created by an in-house team of trained and knowledgeable researchers. Before any content goes out, it is vetted and reviewed for structure and accuracy.

Evergreen Content

Good content is informative, but great content is timeless. We strive to write and design material that will be reusable and keep customers coming back.
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It's Time to Shine

Content marketing isn’t the future of marketing. It’s here. Let us take your brand and position it for maximum exposure.

Because, if they aren’t finding you, they are finding your competitors.

Reach out to us for a free evaluation of your current web presence and discover the (nearly) endless benefits to a digital marketing strategy.