what is agile development

What is Agile Development?

There are many different ways to approach software development.  Each is typically heavily influenced by the development team. However, the goal is always to make sure it best serves the customers’ needs.  At Dorian Solutions, we use the Agile Development methodology.  Before we dive into what sets Agile software development apart from other methods, let’s…

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Finding an exceptional custom web application development company can be the missing piece to your organization's success.

A custom web application development company is key

No matter what industry your business falls under, you should know the basics elements of technology. You want your business to function efficiently, right? It’s best when a work environment has order, organization, and technology to help streamline your business through-and-through. When you add custom software and/or custom web applications, that’s exactly what your business…

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Your digital marketing and digital branding are crucial for your organization's short-term and long-term success.

Why You Need Digital Marketing AND Digital Branding

The way that businesses are advertising themselves has changed significantly over the course of the last 30+ years. There are new outlets, platforms, and terms being used due to the digitalization within the world of marketing nowadays. Digital marketing and digital branding being two of the most prominent ones.   Digital branding is typically used…

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Take advantage of creative branding with digital marketing strategies.

What Matters In Branding With Digital Marketing

First impressions can last a lifetime. Nowadays, your brand must make a good first impression digitally. Marketing strategies have changed significantly throughout the decades. Why? Americans spend half of their day, typically more than 12 hours every day, interacting with media devices and immersed in technology. These devices can range from television, internet, desktop, radio,…

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Your email drip campaigns can actually make your business boom!

Let The Email Drip Campaigns Flow

Whatever business you are in, you need some sort of sales strategy. Whether it’s the sales of services, products, or you simply want more subscribers – emails are an essential part of an effective prospecting campaign. So, what are your strategy options? That’s a great question, and we’re glad you asked. One of the best…

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What is a brand book? Dorian Solutions has the answers you're looking for!

What Is A Brand Book?

At the beginning stages of your business, branding is typically not at the top items on your list. Most new and/or small businesses will put it towards the middle or at the end of their to-dos.  Once you get to that part of your to-do list, you may have no idea where to even start.…

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